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National Treasure: Book of Secrets Soundtrack

National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) soundtrack cover
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / OST
By:Trevor Rabin
Release date:18.12.2007
Length: 22:37 (8 tracks)
Genre: action adventure mystery
IMDB: 465234




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Tracklist. Online preview

#Trevor Rabin — National Treasure: Book of SecretsLength
1.Page 47
Trevor Rabin
Trevor Rabin
3.Spirit of Paris
Trevor Rabin
4.City of Gold
Trevor Rabin
Trevor Rabin
Trevor Rabin
7.Gabby Shuffle
Trevor Rabin
8.Franklin's Tunnel
Trevor Rabin

Plot summary

While Ben Gates is presenting new information about John Wilkes Booth and the 18 pages missing from Booth's diary, a man by the name of Mitch Wilkinson stands up and presents a missing page of John Wilkes Booth's diary. Thomas Gates, Ben's great-grandfather, is mentioned on the page. It shows that Ben's great-grandfather was a co-conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's murder. When doing more research, the conspiracy takes Ben, Abigail Chase, and Riley Poole to Buckingham Palace (which they break into). They discover a plank that has early Native American writing on it. The plank has only one symbol that Patrick Gates can identify. The symbol is Cibola (see-bowl-uh) meaning the City of Gold. In order to define the rest the have to go to Ben's mother, Patrick's divorced wife. After 32 years it brings back old arguments. After that the other clue is in the President's desk in the Oval Office in the White House (which Ben and Abigail sneak into) to discover that the clue lies in The President's Book. But in order to see the book, their choice is either get elected president or kidnap the President of the United States. Which do they choose? It's obvious. With Wilkinson close on their tail, they find the book in the Library of Congress. The conspiracy then crosses to Mount Rushmore where the clue was on the hills, but (according to the Book) President Calvin Coolidge had the faces carved in so no one can find the City of Gold. When they get there they find out that they must work with Wilkinson since he has some clues of his own. Who will claim Cibola? And will the name of Gates be known as murder?


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