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Braveheart Soundtrack

Braveheart (1995) soundtrack cover
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / OST
By:James Horner
Release date:23.05.1995
Length: 77:42 (18 tracks)
Genre: drama war biography
IMDB: 112573




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Tracklist. Online preview

#James Horner — BraveheartLength
1.Main Title
James Horner
2.A Gift of a Thistle
James Horner
3.Wallace Courts Murron
James Horner
4.The Secret Wedding
James Horner
5.Attack on Murron
James Horner
James Horner
7.Murron's Burial
James Horner
8.Making Plans / Gathering the Clans
James Horner
9.'Sons of Scotland'
James Horner
10.The Battle of Stirling
James Horner
11.For the Love of a Princess
James Horner
James Horner
13.Betrayal & Desolation
James Horner
14.Mornay's Dream
James Horner
15.The Legend Spreads
James Horner
16.The Princess Pleads For Wallace's Life
James Horner
17.Freedom / The Execution / Bannockburn
James Horner
18.End Credits
James Horner

Plot summary

The movie begins in the small town of Elderslie, Scotland. William lives with his father, Malcolm and elder brother John. William's father and brother are called to a meeting a few miles from their home where they find the entire nobility of Scotland hanging. Malcolm and John then go to a battle between the English and their clan, both die tragically. At the funeral William meets his uncle Argyle who fought in the battle with Malcolm and his father. He takes him away to live with him. The scene then cuts to an adult William on his horse. William later runs into a girl he knew before he went to live with Argyle, her name, Murron, we discover that Lords have the right to sleep with brides on their wedding night, so William marries Murron in secret. Murron is the assaulted by a English guard, the guard is killed by William, a fight ensues, and eventually Murron is killed by the lord. This enrages Wallace who then build himself a fine army entering city's and killing all Englishman within. Wallace prepares to move on to Stirling where he prepared for his greatest battle yet, in the forest he realizes that he must find a way to beat the heavy cavalry from the ground, he decided to create spears twice as long as men. These were used in the battle to kill the entire heavy cavalry raised at the last minute to kill the on coming horses. Eventually Wallace reaches York, the most important military city he gains control. Williams final battle at Falkirk ends in his betrayal by two nobles, whom he later kills. William is betrayed by the leper father of Robert the Bruce, is captured and refuses to bow down as a loyal subject of the king Edward I, Longshanks. Therefore, instead of mere beheading William Wallace is subject to being Hung, hung within an inch of death. Drawn, being stretched by his ankles and wrists and then having his insides shown to him before he died. Then Quartered, he was beheaded and his head was put on the London Bridge his body was torn into for pieces one sent to each corner of Britain as a warning to the citizens. After Wallace's death we see Robert the Bruce led the battle of Bannockburn the last battle for Scotland's freedom. [Editors note] Original writing by poster stated that Wallace went against "The British". This is factually incorrect as the term "British" refers to the people of the Island Britain. Scotland is the northern half of Britain with England and Wales sharing the lower half. I have changed this accordingly to reflect that Wallace and Scotland were at war with England or more factually correct, the English crown.


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