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Hard Target Soundtrack

Hard Target (1993) soundtrack cover
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / OST
By:Graeme Revell
Release date:14.09.1993
Length: 38:24 (15 tracks)
Genre: action thriller
IMDB: 107076




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Tracklist. Online preview

#Graeme Revell — Hard TargetLength
1.Hunting Season Opens
Graeme Revell
Graeme Revell
3.Chance and Carmen
Graeme Revell
4.Streetfighting Van Damme
Graeme Revell
Graeme Revell
6.The Lark Descending
Graeme Revell
7.Wont You Let Me Go?
Graeme Revell
8.The Dove and the Garotte
Graeme Revell
9.Motercycle Chase
Graeme Revell
10.New Orleans mission
Graeme Revell
11.On the Docks
Graeme Revell
12.Mardi Gras Graveyard
Graeme Revell
13.Miles to Go
Graeme Revell
14.Fouchon's Death
Graeme Revell
Graeme Revell

Plot summary

Natasha "Nat" Binder has arrived in New Orleans, Louisiana from Michigan to visit her father Douglas Charles Binder. Doug's landlady Marie tells Nat that Doug owes her some back rent. He didn't tell Marie where he was moving to, but he did promise Marie that he would pay the back rent. Doug left behind a box for Marie to keep until he could make up the back rent, and Marie hands the box to Nat. The box contains a stack of pictures that belong to Doug. Marie tells Nat that she may want to check and see if Doug is at a mission called Our Lady of Charity (OLC). Nat heads out to OLC and talks to Elijah Roper, who says that like Doug, he was in the Marines for a while. Elijah also tells Nat that Doug does come to OLC sometimes. Elijah promises Nat that if he sees Doug, he'll tell Doug that she is in town looking for him. Elijah then tells Nat that like a lot of people who come to OLC, Doug is homeless. A devastated Nat heads to the Half Moon Utility Restaurant and gets some change at the counter so she can use a payphone. After using the payphone, Nat returns to her car and is approached by four thugs who grab her purse. Seconds later, a man named Chance Boudreaux beats up the robbers. Chance gives Nat's purse back to her and tells her to be more careful, then Chance leaves. Nat heads to the New Orleans police station, where there is a strike going on. Nat goes inside and talks to detective Carmine Mitchell (Kasi Lemmons) about Doug. Carmine advises Nat to get someone who knows the city to help her find Doug because Doug has not been missing long enough for Carmine to file a missing persons report. On the next day, Nat heads out to a dock, where she finds Chance, who is waiting for his name to be called into duty. While Nat is talking to Chance, his name is called. Chance is then told that he cannot go on any more missions until he pays the union $217, and he has a week to come up with the money. Chance tells Nat that he'll help her find Doug in exchange for $217. Nat agrees to the deal. Nat explains that her parents divorced 20 years ago when she was 7 years old, and Doug moved to New Orleans. Nat and Doug wrote each other letters and even talked with each other on the phone a couple of times. Three weeks ago, the letters from Doug abruptly stopped coming. Nat and Chance head to OLC, where Chance has a friend who can help. Chance tells Nat to check the line outside of OLC while Chance goes inside and talks to his friend. After Nat scans the line of people, she goes inside and sees Chance talking to his friend -- Elijah Roper. With Chance's help, Nat discovers that Doug was murdered. As it turns out, former mercenary Emil Fouchon and his right hand man Pic Van Cleaf have been recruiting homeless combat veterans for the amusement of their clients -- bored, rich tycoons who are willing to pay big money for the rush of hunting and killing human prey. And now, Chance and Nat are their newest targets.


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